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Heart Stopper Alert: Why You Should Visit Skippers Canyon

You’ve seen pretty. You’re done with pretty. And while New Zealand comes out swinging with plenty of pretty to talk about at length, it’s not what you’ll ultimately remember about Skippers Canyon. You want adventure. You need teeth-chattering, spine-nudging activities that will send your stomach sky-high, chasing your smile before falling back to earth with an excited cry of AGAIN. We have found three devilish thrills to satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie – one by water, one by air and one by road. Take a look.

By Water: The Skippers Canyon Jet

Image: YouTube / Skippers Canyon Jet

The first stop on your Skippers Canyon self-drive adventure is the warm-up… Board the Skippers Canyon Jet and ready yourself for a series of death-defying manoeuvres, 360 degree spins, and near misses that will having you thinking, oh damn, we’re going to crash. You won’t crash! An experienced team of jet boat drivers surge through the same canyon every day, at over 80kms an hour – short of a waterproof GoPro, it’s best to leave your camera behind for this one.

Bonus: You’ll see a few Lord of the Rings filming locations along the way, as your friendly guide commentates the slower section of the ride.

By Air: AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge Bungy

Photo: AJ Hackett Bungy

AJ Hackett are the unofficial thrill kings of New Zealand, specialising in experiences to chill and thrill across both islands. Go back to where their reign of happy scares began with a leap of faith from the Kawarau Bridge, the original Kiwi bungy destination. Countless people have been, seen and screamed their way to the bottom of the canyon, pushing themselves to do something different, frightening, challenging and unforgettable with a single leap. It’s your turn.

Inside Tip: Before you take the plunge though, make sure you wear the right clothes for the season – winter can get really cold, so take a jacket.

By Road: 4WD Skippers Canyon Tour

Photo: Nomad Safaris

Okay, so it’s not possible to leave pretty behind completely on a New Zealand holiday. The best of both worlds collide in the form of a 4WD Skippers Canyon Tour. Skippers Road is nothing short of treacherous, with tyre creaking moments and sheer drops out the window, you’ll be hooked on the heartrate spike in addition to the view – it really is spectacular. Get your breath back on Plane Table, capturing a snap over the Wakatipu Basin before continuing on to the original township of Skippers. Do you feel lucky? Test your panning skills and hunt for a speck of gold in the dust, learning more about the local heritage between rugged road-legs.

Inside Tip: Lighthouse Rock is the best place to pause for a look over the canyon. We’ll be very surprised if you don’t take a picture or two.

There’s more than one way to see New Zealand. Speak to our experienced team at New Zealand Holidays and plan your not-so-relaxing getaway.


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