Love comes in many forms, like a love for great food or wine. Whether you’re in love and want to share an amazing trip with that special someone, or if you’re looking for a destination to fall in love with, Marlborough is it. It’s like a big warm hug. Wilderness, wine, water. Not just any water though, we’re talking peninsulas, islands and secret coves – the perfect romantic getaway! Marlborough also has its fair share of craft breweries and wineries, to give you a true taste of this region. The food lovers aren’t forgotten either, with many a top spot to be found for a scrumptious long lunch or dinner. There’s a feast for the eyes too as you explore Marlborough Sounds with all its wilderness, natural wonder and the legendary Charlotte Track. After all of this, it’d be only natural to stay a night or two in one of the many luxurious lodges dotted around Marlborough.

Get ready to fall in love again, or for the first time, at Marlborough.

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