Odds are, New Zealand’s on your radar because you’d like to see some breathtaking natural beauty. Taranaki has some impressive numbers, check these out:

300 – how many kilometres are at your disposal if you love a walk, with tracks meandering through stunning Egmont National Park, with Mt Taranaki as the backdrop.

105 – believe it or not, that’s how many kilometres of prime surfing spots await you along highway 45 between New Plymouth and Hawera, not to mention the coastal iron sand beaches which are well worth a soothing stroll on.

Then there’s New Plymouth’s Pukeruka Park, with 52 stunning hectares of gardens, and summer evening displays of 18,000 lights.

Taranaki is also steeped in Maori history, so the numbers add up – Taranaki is truly the complete package when it comes to a mountain-to-surf experience.

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