If you’re in a country well known for its wine, surely if you could set yourself up in the ‘heart’ of it, you would. Well you can, at Wairarapa.  The Classic New Zealand Wine Trail winds its way through the vineyards here and so should you.

Some of the world’s best pinot noir comes from Wairarapa, but you can’t have such a fine drop without amazing food! You’ll discover plenty of cafes and vineyard restaurants scattered throughout Wairarapa too, ensuring the gastronomical part of your journey is taken seriously here. You only need to head an hour north of Wellington to land smack bang amongst the grapes of Wairarapa, then the vino and scrumptious foods engulf you, with each one never too far from the next.

But don’t be deceived – give yourself more than one night to make sure the foodie and wine lover in you gets a true taste of some of the world’s best.

Wairarapa – a true grape escape.

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