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Waikato, Hamilton and Waitomo

The Waikato region has a certain…’glow’, both underground and above ground. The Waitomo glowworm caves are a must-see – a quiet, gentle cruise through caves lit up by these little wonders of nature. Staying underground, but cranking it up a notch is the famous blackwater rafting, where you climb, tube, leap and float your way through this magnificent underground labyrinth.

Then back on dry land the Waikato journey continues with plenty of magnificent parks and gardens for a leisurely explore by foot, or you can soak up the rich history and experience the thriving culture that surrounds you at every turn. Then there’s the chance to get that glow back in your cheeks, with hot water springs at Ocean Beach, Kawhia and hot mineral pools at Te Aroha.

No doubt, you’ll come back with your own glowing review of beautiful Waikato.

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